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What is GeyserWorx®?

GeyserWorx® is a Patented (No. 2013/06616) micro-processor based product that utilises solar energy during the day to heat household or commercial water. This is done using PV (photovoltaic) panels reducing the electrical running costs of your geyser system.

Geyserworx was established in South Africa in 2013 by Systems Automation & Management Pty Ltd (SAM), who have been in business for 30 years with experience in the automation and control systems. SAM is an ISO 9001 2008 approved company with proven capabilities and experience within the Automation & control industry. SAM has a highly qualified team to develop products and partnerships and provide services to meet our clients’ needs.

SAM‘s design team offers a highly sophisticated design capability.  We utilise Computer Aided Design (CAD) facilities and manufacture our end products in conjunction with our network of partners, who in turn utilise Computer Aided Manufacturing equipment.

SAM offers a skilled and experienced team of Software, Hardware, Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical and Process Control Engineers to provide a comprehensive service based on our experiences gained from our vast client base. We offer a quick response service where quality is uncompromised while meeting the client’s stringent deadline requirements.


Save on Electricity

Save up to 30% on your electricity bill.

Quick Installation

We'll get your Geyserworx® installed in no time.

No Plumbing

Geyserworx® is the Smart way to go Solar.

PV Panels Included

Geyserworx® comes standard with 3 PV solar panels.

Geyserworx® Guarantee

20 Year OEM guarantee on PV panels. 2 Year guarantee on Geyserworx® controller.

Build a Business

Build a business with Geyserworx®.


GeyserWorx® is a micro-processor based product that utilises solar energy during the day to heat household or commercial water. This is done using PV (photovoltaic) panels reducing the electrical running costs of your geyser system.

Standard System Includes:

  • PV panels complete with mounting brackets and connecting wiring.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • GeyserWorx® controller unit with Manual and Automatic modes
  • Available with or without acrylic facia.

Deluxe System Includes:

  • Standard system plus GeyserWorx® controller unit with Manual, Automatic, Timer and Holiday modes.
  • Wi-Fi remote for smart phone interface to allow for full monitoring and control of geyser.
  • Available with or without acrylic facia.

GeyserWorx® Optional Extra:

  • Water leak detection. (drip tray water detection)
  • Anode depletion detection.
  • Extension Box
  • Outdoor Box

control remotely

GeyserWorx® Deluxe System allows you to control your geyser remotely through the
GeyserWorx® App available for Android or Apple iOS.


Save between 30 to 50% of your bill for approx. 10 % of a PV installation costs

Payback Period

Used kWh GeyserWorx® Typical Saving Period (Months)
1000 R 1 528.11 R 701.19 31
1500 R 2 655.74 R 1 051.79 20
2000 R 3 657.44 R 1 402.38 15
2500 R 4 659.14 R 1 752.98 12
3000 R 5 660.84 R 2 103.57 10
These figures are based on no change to lifestyle


GeyserWorx® vs Complete Solar Installations

The capital outlay you require on a complete solar installation far outways the cost involved in installing a Geyserworx® system.

For instance, the capital needed to install 4kW of solar power in your home is about 10x the cost of GeyserWorx. Bearing in mind that your normal geyser consumes 4kW by itself, your installed 4kW solar system would not be able to run your household requirements when the geyser is heating water.


Investment Payback

Renewable energy equipment require an initial investment to start. GeyserWorx®, Wind Turbines and complete solar solutions require big expenditure to get going. They make up for that expense by saving you money in the long term.

By limiting your initial expenditure and maximizing your return on investment, the payback period can be reduced significantly. Also being able to expand your energy saving investment modularly, initial cost can be limited.

This gives you the opportunity to use diverse alternative energy sources such as gas, wind, solar, etc. By diversifying energy sources, you are not dependent on a single technology. Thereby reducing your risk of obsolescence and price fluctuations.

Solar Radiation

South Africa enjoys almost the perfect climate for solar water heating. South Africa average more than 2 500 hours of sunshine per year, and average solar-radiation levels range between 4.5 and 6.5kWh/m2 in one day, compared to half that for cities like London in the Northern hemisphere.

Solar energy is the most abundant permanent energy resource on earth and it is available for use in its direct (solar radiation) and indirect (wind, biomass, hydro, ocean etc.) forms. This commentary is limited to the direct use of solar radiation, the earth’s prime energy resource.

Carbon Tax

Recognising the importance of reducing carbon emissions and foreseeing the benefits that a low carbon economy can bring, the South African government has committed to ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 34% by 2020 and 42% by 2025 against a business as usual curve. Policies, frameworks and financial instruments need to support these commitments for any hope of achieving such reductions. The purpose of a carbon tax, seen too often as a way to increase the tax base, is intended more to send the necessary price signals to change consumer behaviours and stimulate investor appetite to shift towards low carbon options. With a commitment to implement revenue recycling measures the effects on economic growth in the broader economy should be minimal.

A carbon tax penalises companies and individuals that emit more carbon. Emissions can occur from various sources although the most common is fuel combustion in transportation and electricity generation. To put this into perspective, 1kg of carbon dioxide is emitted for every kilowatt hour of electricity generated in South Africa. The net result is that becoming energy efficient and lowering energy consumption becomes increasingly important.

Using pricing signals a carbon tax is designed to create incentives for companies, businesses and individuals to change their behaviors, consumption patterns and products from being carbon intensive to low carbon alternatives. This transition to low carbon options reduces our reliance on polluting fossil fuels and ultimately reduces emissions.


With Geyserworx® you can build a business, We want to partner with you!

Distributor Opportunity

GeyserWorx® is a Patented (No. 2013/06616) microprocessor based product that utilises solar energy during the day to heat normal household or commercial geyser water. This is done without the use of a PV inverter or batteries and thus reduces the electrical running costs of the geyser system.

Do I fit the ideal profile of a Geyserworx® Distributor?

  • Existing Electrician with valid industry registrations / membership
  • Compliant entrepreneur
  • A vehicle (with required capacity and standard)
  • Sales and marketing skills
  • High quality customer service orientation
  • Proactive
  • Ethical / honest
  • Respected within the community

How do I become a GeyserWorx® Distributor?

  • Complete the initial enquiry form
  • Information presentation / initial meeting regarding the opportunity
  • Conclude Distributor Agreement
  • Attend product technical installation training
  • Receive installation manuals and marketing materials
  • Implementation in your area of operation

I Am interested in becoming a GeyserWorx® Distributor!

    Start Up Kit for distributorship

    This Includes:

  • 3 Geyserworx® standard units (box kits for 200 Litre Geysers)
  • 2 days technical and installation training
  • The initial marketing material pack

Business in a Box

Everything you need to install & sell Geyserworx®.

Technical & Installation Training

2 Day Geyserworx® training programme.

Marketing Material Pack

Targeting the right market for your business.

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About Us

System Automation and Management - Over 25 Years of Service Excellence in the Technology Industry.


Systems Automation and Management (SAM) is a dynamic business with offices in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Northern Province and West Coast locally as well as internationally in Denmark.

We are leading suppliers of data acquisition systems and innovative automation solutions. SAM is one of the leading integrators in Automation systems in South Africa.

Currently we employ engineers and technologists with vast knowledge and experience in industrial automation.




Geyserworx® is committed to becoming a major supplier to the Commercial and Residential markets with emphasis on service, quality and cost efficiency.

In pursuance of this ideal we shall strive to:

Achieve outstanding results through the manufacture of quality products while maintaining economic viability.

Maintain product excellence consistent with the requirements of efficiency, productivity and conservation through compliance with international quality standards; Continuously investigate and commission appropriate new technologies.

Put emphasis on training and developing employees so that the undertaking shall be staffed by competent, involved and committed employees.

Be a progressive and caring employer with respect to conditions of employment and the quality of both working and social life.



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